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The Peace & Freedom Magazine Andrew Bruce Interview

Andrew Bruce interviewed by Paul Rance for Peace & Freedom, No. 1, January 1985.

Andrew Bruce co-founded “Peace & Freedom” magazine and The Peace & Freedom Band with Paul Rance in the mid-80s. Here, among other things, Andy discusses some of his early work with Paul.

Hartlepool Poet and Musician Andrew Bruce in the 1980s
A young Andrew Bruce

PR: Kiss My World consists of all your own music, but not all of your own lyrics; did you find putting tunes to other people's lyrics as comfortable as with your own?

AB: It's easier to put music to your own lyrics because you understand yourself, so the character of the music would maintain a good balance with the lyric. Personally, I find it easy to write music for others lyrics, because I'm a very understanding person. It is possible to write much deeper music for your own lyrics, because you are expressing yourself as a whole, but composing for other people could tend to fray at the edges unless you have a deep relationship with each other.

PR: You are working on another album at present using the lyrics of four writers, including yourself - what type of music have you in mind; will it be similar to Kiss?

AB: Kiss My World was whipped together, as I wanted to get something out quickly. Thus, the music wasn't that much of a musical. My new album A New Garden will contain some beautiful, high class music. I am a bit limited though with just the acoustic guitar and no band or bread to back me up.

PR: What do you find easier; composing tunes or writing lyrics?

AB: If you feel what you are writing then the music should come running along after it. It is much better to wait patiently for a tune to form than to force one through.

PR: You've also written and published your own poetry... Any future publications being worked on?

AB: Only a revised edition of my booklet. Of course I wouldn't say no to a publisher taking it on.

PR: Whom do you most admire in music & poetry - if anyone?

AB: It's a secret or some of it is. Only the best for me. I'd rather tell you whom I least admire. Everybody's mad about Duran Duran, but I think they're just too intent on having a good time and showing off than having a meaningful musical career. Same applies to Frankie Goes To Hollywood. They're all a victim of this psychological illness that's been growing in society for some years now. It's a secret remember. Call them monocephalous and realise that they're just becoming a dreadful bore. I consider most of the American music scene significantly better than that of the British, because they're so honest and truthful and can actually enjoy themselves.

Andrew Bruce - Love/Survival (Cassette)

The title is taken from two Tarrere Jennings poems, which are featured here in song format. Peter Gibbs, Paul Rance & Andrew himself contribute the rest of the words, which Andrew changes into fine tunes; especially noteworthy are 'I'm Losing You' and 'No Recall'. The vocals are strong and the guitar sound is reminiscent - to me at least - of folk rock/psychedelia. 11 tracks in all.

- Paul Rance, Peace & Freedom, No. 2, Summer 1985

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